Volumetric Accuracy Research Institute

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Volumetric Accuracy Research Institute supports the improvement of machining accuracy and productivity of your machine tools.

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21 components of motion error is stated on the accuracy inspection certificate of your machine tool. However, it is not easy to understand the actual position deviation of the tool center point from the motion accuracy because the errors interact with each other. Volumetric accuracy error maps can be used to visualize the accuracy distribution within the machining space.
We create the spatial precision of your machine tool. In addition, we support the improvement of machining accuracy by utilizing the measurement results.

Imporve your manufacturing efficiency

We also provides an optional service to improve the volumetric accuracy of your machine tool by using the correction parameters calculated using our own algorithm. Machining accuracy is improved by improving volumetric accuracy. Furthermore, tracking back process can be reduced.
Additional NC option may be required for this service.

If you are interested in our service

We provide measurement and accuracy correction services upon your request.
Please contact us first.